Arizona Language Preparatory (ALP) was founded in 2010 based as a full curriculum, trilingual immersion program focusing on Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English.

At Arizona Language Preparatory we approach each child as an individual. We understand each child is unique and has their own talents, strengths and one-of-a-kind needs. Our class sizes are small, which creates a nurturing environment in which children thrive.

Why Language Immersion Education?

As a parent, you want the best of for your child and you recognize that the world is becoming a smaller place every day, between international trade and cultural sharing across the internet.

The time when people can only speak one language and remain competitive is rapidly vanishing. By the time your children are working adults, the ability to speak one or more language will position them for success ahead of their peers.

Research has shown that “the effect of learning a second language on first-language skills has been positive in all studies done…. [and] the loss of instructional time in English has never been shown to have negative effects on the achievement of the first language.” (Bournot-Trites & Tellowitz, 2002)

In fact, immersion students match and often surpass English program students’ performance by Grade 4 or 5 after first-language arts are introduced in the middle elementary years. (Turnbull, Hart & Lapkin, 2000)

Why Arizona Language Preparatory?

As pioneers in Arizona in the language immersion education field, we understand what it takes to nurture your child and help them become successful in a language immersion program.

All of our teachers are native speakers in the languages in which they teach, ensuring that your child will master the accent as well as the language.

Our diverse program includes arts, music, gym, experience building trips, and other activities to engage your child beyond just a core basic curriculum.

How Do I Know if Language Immersion is Right for My Child?

Many parents express concern that they may not speak one or more of the languages we teach and how and wonder whether they’ll be able to support their child.

Here are some ways to know if Arizona Language Preparatory’s language immersion education is right for your child:

  • You’re committed to giving your child the best possible chances for success in the global economy.
  • You’re willing to encourage them if they struggle and celebrate with them when they succeed.
  • You’re looking for a nurturing, supporting environment for your child to achieve their full potential.

If these sound like you, then we encourage you to call us at 602-996-1595 or contact us today!