Our Parent Teacher Organization

ALP Families, Teachers, and Staff, this is the Parent Teacher Organization, and we would love for YOU, with all your individual talents and wisdom, to join us! There are so many different roles to play, big or small. Many of our leadership roles have volunteers running the show, but they still need the help of volunteers to make their role/event thrive! Tell us your interests/giftings/availability, and we will help you find a fit!

The ALP PTO meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Streets of New York on 32nd Street and Cactus. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m.

Dress Independent Day

Dress Independent Day (DID) is the First Friday of every month! Give a $5 donation on the day of DID and your student may wear regular clothes to school. (Non-uniform clothes but still appropriate for school). You may choose to pay for all the DID’s upfront for a cost of $45. Please leave the money in the PTO box outside the office with the name of the student.

Yearbook, Website & Directory

Trish Giral is handling operations like a boss! Make sure to submit all the photos you take at ALP events to, and when posting to social media add #iheartALP to the caption!

Did you know ALP PTO is a nonprofit charity?

That means that donations are tax deductible! Any donations can be submitted in the PTO Box in PTO Corner.

ALP PTO Fundraisers

Our two largest fundraisers are the Fun Run in September and the ALP PTO Spring Auction in May. The net profit (gross profit minus event expenses) from these two events alone last year was $7,200, and $16,500 respectively.