Dress Code & Uniform Policy

Arizona Language Preparatory’s primary objective is to develop a community of learners, dedicated to the highest standards of academics and accountability. As such, a distinctive uniform is a unifying factor within our school community. It is also a visible signature of our school to the larger community, an indicator of our unity and of our pride in purpose. This is one of the more important functions of a uniform – it identifies its wearer as part of a distinctive group with a distinctive purpose. 

The uniform is the basis of a dress code that reflects the nobility and seriousness of our mission. Our students should dress their best, look their best, and do their best. All clothing must be clean, neat, and in properly fitting condition. If a child is deemed to be wearing inappropriate attire, the parent will be notified, and a change of clothing will be required for attendance that day. If in doubt about the appropriateness of an article of clothing, check with the school office before purchasing. Questions about the appropriateness of apparel may be referred to the Administration, whose judgment will be final. Administration may make specific exceptions to the dress code, as demanded by religious customs; parents should address specific concerns to the school administration before the second week of school. The uniform requirements are as follows:


  • Collared long or short-sleeved button up, polo, golf, or uniform shirts in navy blue, red, baby blue, pink or white
  • Ties may be worn including French Toast Red Navy Plaid ties
  • Solid-colored jackets, cardigans, pullovers, non-hooded sweatshirts, sweaters, or sweater vests may be worn over top of a collared shirt
  • ALP Spirit Hoodies may be worn over any uniform top any day
  • ALP T-Spirit Shirts may be worn on Fridays


  • Solid navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, cargo shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers
  • Solid navy blue, khaki, or French Toast Red Navy Plaid uniform skorts
  • Leggings, Jeggings/Tights cannot be worn as a substitute for pants
  • Leggings, Jeggings/Tights may only be worn under length appropriate skirts
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers may not be shorter than 4 inches above the knee 
  • Sweatpants and athletic shorts are not permitted


  • Solid colored navy blue, red, baby blue, white, pink, khaki, or French Toast Red Navy plaid uniform dresses are permitted
  • Dresses may not be shorter than 4 inches above the knee


  • Footwear must be closed toed and heels with a hard sole. Footwear must cover the entire foot.
  • Footwear with embedded wheels is NOT PERMITTED


  • Students may not wear hats, hoods, sweatbands, bandanas, or sunglasses while inside the school building.


  • On Fridays, students may substitute an ALP Spirit Shirt for a uniform shirt and may wear solid-colored jeans without holes
  • PTO sponsored Dress Independent Days are the last Friday of every month
    • Shorts, skirts, scooters, and jumpers may not be shorter than 4 inches above the knee
    • Shirt sizing: Must cover chest and midriff (when hands are raised)
    • Shirt cannot be cinched, tied, or clipped in the back
  •  Any type of dress/attire that interferes with the learning of others is not allowed at any time
  • Discretion of dress code lies with school administration

For additional uniform information, parents can visit the French Toast website and use school code QS5QINN.


(Updated 5/19/2022)