In most countries, the ability to speak more than one language is considered a critical part of a solid education. Studies show that speaking two or more languages increases cognitive ability and improves executive function throughout 
a lifetime.

In the decades ahead, 80% of global economic growth will take place outside the United States. English, Mandarin, and Spanish are now emerging as the three most-spoken languages in the world, and those who can speak, read, and write them fluently will be at a great advantage.

Our school allows students to make connections across the curriculum in order to unify and deepen their learning experience and understanding. Children will see the relevance of what they are learning as it applies to their world, and be challenged to become empathetic, kind, compassionate and globally-aware citizens.

With smaller class sizes, our children are appreciated and respected for who they are as individuals. Their unique talents, personalities and distinct educational requirements are addressed with personal assessments, comprehensive student reports and a strong use of differentiated learning. Utilizing the team approach, students are reviewed as a whole in a multitude of areas.