Support Arizona Language Preparatory

Arizona Language Preparatory is not just the ONLY school in Arizona that teaches in full Spanish and Mandarin Chinese immersion, it is also a non-profit 501(3c) charter school with so much need for your support! Below you will find information on all the ways you can show your support for ALP!

Support ALP with the Dragon Club

At ALP we have our Dragon Club, which is a group of parents and community members that choose to donate to our non profit school. Our school, as a Charter School, receives funding from the state based on student attendance. The state of Arizona provides very little per student (3rd lowest in the nation) which means a small school that chooses to have such a low student to teacher ratio like ours suffers financially. We need your help not just to buy new learning materials but to help increase staff, add new technology and to create the best possible environment for your children to continue a tri-lingual education. This style of school is very rare, and the successful versions that exist elsewhere in the United States are private and have tuition around $15,000 a year. To put that in perspective, our school get a little more than $6000 per student from the state and nearly half of that for Kindergarten. If you would like to join our Dragon Club with a monthly commitment, please print out this form and turn it into our school office. Make a Dragon Club one-time donation now!

Support ALP with your Tax Credit

How does it work? It’s simple. You pay ALP instead of the State of Arizona. For example, If you owed $500 in state income tax and you donated $400 to ALP,  you would subtract $400 directly from the amount owed resulting in $100 payment. You do not have to have a child enrolled in our school. This tax credit is available for every Arizona taxpayer. Family, friends, and neighbors can enjoy the benefit of re-directing their tax credit dollars.

ALP PTO Volunteers

Support ALP with your Shopping

Rewards Programs are easy ways you can get involved in fundraising without giving your time. Click on the link below and register. Every time you shop at participating locations, ALP will receive a reward.

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