How Can I Be Involved?

 ‘2019-2020 School Year PTO OFFICER and CHAIR Volunteer Positions

The community at ALP is like no other. All our families are drawn by the mission of the school, and the children in the student body. Through the love of language development and a global community, we have created a very tight knit community. We have many community events throughout the school year that strengthen that bond. We can’t make this happen without the devoted parents, extended family members and volunteers that are committed to making these events happen.


How can I be involved?

There are various ways you can get involved. Whether it’s donating your time, supplies, a financial donation or simply signing up for one of the various point programs. A little or a lot, every little thing you do makes ALP a better place.

 ‘2019-2020 School Year PTO OFFICER and CHAIR Volunteer Positions

Annual Field Day Volunteer 

Annual ALP PTO Benefit Auction Volunteer 

Homeroom Class Baskets for Benefit Auction – Coming Soon!” 

Annual Benefit Auction Donations and Sponsorships’ 

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