Arizona Language Preparatory Curriculum

Arizona Language Preparatory offers a challenging and engaging curriculum in Mandarin, Spanish and English that’s so much fun students don’t realize how much they’re learning!  Our focus is on building cultural and language perspective, to nurture and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Employing a 40/40/20 language model in grades K-1. We spend 40% of the day in Mandarin, 40% in Spanish, and 20% in English. No prior language experience is needed for students entering grades K-1.
  • Employing a 35/35/30 language model in grade 2. We spend 35% of the day in Mandarin, 35% in Spanish, and 30% in English.
  • Employing a 30/30/40 language model in grade 3-6. We spend 30% of the day in Mandarin, 30% in Spanish, and 40% in English. Prior language experience in Mandarin or Spanish is preferred for students entering grades 2-6
  • Academic Support Plan with appropriate goals for students as needed to assist students who need additional support services. 

Language Arts

Our English, Mandarin, and Spanish curriculum aligns or exceeds Common Core Standards to create high-level multi-lingual literacy skills. This approach is made fun and engaging through daily topic discussions, guided reading, journaling, storytelling, play writing, role-playing, games, monthly project-based language assignments and newly added public speaking training in our target languages, to develop strong literacy and oratory skills.

English Language Arts Curriculum:

Grades K-2 Core Knowledge Language Arts

Grades 3-6 Core Knowledge Language Arts & EL Education

Mandarin Language Curriculum:

Grades K-2 Better Immersion

Grades 3-6 Better Immersion

Spanish Language Arts Curriculum:

Grades K-6 Calico Spanish & Estrellita

General Overview of K-2 Skills Program (Phonics)
General Overview of K-2 Listening and Learning Program (Comprehension
K-2 Sequence of Domains (Topic or Theme)


Using Eureka Math, our mathematics curriculum is taught in Spanish in grades K-1 and in both English and Spanish in grades 2-6. Every math topic is covered in the concrete, pictorial, and abstract levels in both languages to make sure students fully understand each math concept before moving on. This systematic way of teaching math gives students a deep number sense, giving them the ability to do mental math.

Great Minds: Eureka Math Parent Resources
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Science/Social Studies

At ALP, students participate in science and social studies standards that are integrated into English, Spanish, and Mandarin instruction.


We believe ALP students can expand their world by mastering the use of technology. We meet and exceed Common Core Standards to teach 21st-century technology skills, including keyboarding, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, databases, robotics, and coding. We also expand on those skills by exploring underlying technological concepts and putting a strong focus on the ethics of media. Students emerge equipped to research deeply, discern useful information, be creative online, collaborate, and communicate, in order to tackle their educational goals with confidence and awareness.


The physical education program at ALP is an essential part ofour curriculum and provides students with a dynamic and well-rounded experience in both individual and competitive sports skills. P.E. classes take place 2 to 3 times a  week and target important motor skills using a variety of different sports activities and games, including assessments of necessary physical education skills. Our school’s mission is woven in through the emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and leadership. 

Learning to Serve

Our Learning to Serve is a unique program to Arizona Language Preparatory.
Students can elect to join Learning to Serve for $20 dollars for the year. Each student can select their own charity and volunteer to raise funds, awareness and help wherever possible.
At the end of the year, the students submit a binder with their volunteer time and information and are awarded the Presidential Service Award.

Below are a few images from our activities & classes to see more pictures of ALP in action visit our Blog and Gallery.